Reverse hierarchies

The fact that existence is hierarchical is evident but only if one has the right views. The dominant view today is materialistic, which is incapable of understanding hierarchies and is in self-contradiction when it comes to defining its very principle: matter; without a hierarchical view, which understands that the lower depends on the higher, it is unable to explain where matter “comes from” (assuming that there can’t be anything above matter) and just works with it as a given and makes it the foundation for existence. With such a foundation it is no wonder that this view birthed such belief systems like evolutionism (that believes that the higher may in fact originate from the lower), progressivism (assuming that things automatically become better over time, in a way by themselves), positivism, etc.

Without a sense for hierarchies people end up living a life that is completely void of qualities and where they are constantly experimenting with pseudo-qualities strictly on the material plane. These experiments are unavoidably in the sign of quantities where the maximum sense for quality is exhausted in them being able to recognize that a BMW is better than a Chevrolet or an Opel, or perceive a Louis Vuitton bag to be more desirable than a no-name handbag. On the social strata people’s’ value is perceived purely by quantitative standards, namely their wealth and their fame. This went so far that the ability to amass wealth and/or to achieve fame, including speculations, trickery, purely motoric math skills traders (quants) use in various markets, manipulations “skills” that come naturally to psychopaths, or simply idiotic behavior, to mention just a few, is perceived by the mass as those of the highest value.

Naturally, since there is no such thing as truly (organic) flat structures, reverse hierarchies emerged, that don’t point upwards, which should be normal, but downwards. This means that individuals who exhibit no or minimal actual value occupy the highest positions: managers, entertainers and politicians; these leaders in turn adjusted values to fit the environment, strictly within the appropriate belief system necessary for the common definition of success. This is how “MORE” has become a quality, circus talent and skills are traded at top value and the approval of the majority has become the measure of success.

This is easy to see by looking at the horribile dictu elite today: their style, their projects, their dreams and motivations.

Recommended reading: Rene Guenon: The reign of quantity and the signs of the times


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