Corporate players – the majority

The majority breaks down to three further types:

– The surprised, comprising the mass. Intellectually they are 100% passive, situationally they are absolutely clueless. They keep on getting surprised by whatever happens to them. Some of these – to their biggest surprise- make decent careers sustaining the hope of their peers.

– The disappointed: on the one hand they typically expect some kind of superiority from their superiors, on the other hand they have reservations about dedicating their life to coding apps, managing logistics, projects, P&L (for those who are not familiar: P&L stands for profit and loss statement. It’s mostly an excel sheet that is the de facto tool of “initiation” into being a manager. Some managers from all three types of corporate players identify with their corporate role to such a degree that they have their spouses run a P&L sheet at home or report to their spouse with it) and similar business functions, but they are not aware of or can’t come up with any alternatives, so they take a number and get in line.

– The cynical. There are two types of cynics. One is unable to grasp higher principles and deal with this incapacity with hostility towards everybody who does. The other type simply doesn’t believe in business; they don’t expect much, but they see a sea of idiots around them and they wonder how come the system doesn’t just break. Some of these start to play and become players, most don’t.

It’s very important to note that the cynics never become disappointed: this would be evidence that the organization is developing. The disappointed ones however often become cynics proving that the organization is in crisis.


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