On self-control

…Self-control is absolutely indispensable for all values and virtues that build communities (organic organizations). Self-control is a symbol of dominance over power (potencia), taken to ontological levels dominance over the power of manifestation (Potentia Pura).

We should mention it briefly that nowadays, while self-control in certain situations is definitely appreciated, the lack of self-control is becoming a celebrated and justified “quality” and that the majority most of the time doesn’t exercise any self-control. We get the impression that to compensate for the effort it took to sustain self-control for a short while one feels he must necessarily “loosen up” (which is absolutely not the same as resting after strenuous work), or in some cases the mass celebrates specifically those of their peers who never exercise any self-control at all.

One of the most important factors for self-control is identity. More precisely: to be aware of what function one fulfills in a (potential) organic community and being aware of what are the most appropriate style elements for one’s role. The right style elements should naturally reflect the appropriate laws, customs and ethics most beneficial for a given function.

The will to adhering to these, the will for self-realization is the most important condition to exercising self-control.


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