The opinion of the mass

” It is easy to see to what degree the mass has no opinion even though everybody seems to a be highly opinionated individual (words that imply that each individual has their own opinion):

in any given geography and on any given topic people tend to polarize along 2 main “views” plus maximum 1-2 alternatives, at best. Interestingly, but absolutely not surprisingly this applies equally to the highly educated part of the mass, the so called intelligentsia and people vegetating in stupor in front of the tv or computer screens.

The two dominating views are clearly not theirs, they are merely acting as a passive medium, carrying the message they can relate to the most emotionally.
Testament to the lack of identity of the mass is how quickly they identify with views and ideologies, even opinions which they may change on a weekly basis, with full conviction. The most progressive ones are completely “open minded” to influences; in their cases the only limit, the line that may not be crossed is a soap opera level sentimentalism that is typically expressed as pacifism, humanitarianism, inclusion or diversity and similar – or the exact opposite.”


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