The rock star deal


…What makes a secret a secret?

The rock star deal is simple: you are not supposed to change.

Same song(s) for life. Same style for life. Same content for life. From your 20’s till you die. The deal looks lucrative when you start out: sex, drugs & rock & roll- where do I sign?

If the deal was offered to you when you’re 60, you’d be more hesitant to sign (save the drugs perhaps). Those who signed on when they were 20 and are still around when they’re 70, are celebrated by the masses. But we are not concerned about the masses — they have nothing to offer to us.

For us rock stars symbolize different things. We don’t believe that rock & roll is eternal (it feels strange to even write down something as stupid as this). Rock&roll couldn’t have appear earlier than it did. It appeared right around the when time ART irrevocably died and what emerged on its grave was the CHEAP: industrial design, style for the masses, plastic disposables and of course mass entertainment: celebrating the sensational and the ephemeral. The monthly top 10 whose value is precisely this: it will be gone quick.

When we look at 60+ (whatever) stars we see anti-personalities: the collective stupidity of the masses.

Persona means mask; mask, that reflects eternal, incorruptible intelligence. The rock star mask is grotesque: it tries to make an illusion permanent. The only way to do this is by cheating: with pushing the hedonistic life style, with plastic surgery, etc. This should be obvious but it’s not: cheating is admired.

It is ridiculous and symptomatic of our times when 55 year old bankers (or doctors, or whatever is considered to be part of the “intellectual elite” nowadays) act like teenagers: respect(!) the beatles (the first “yeah-yeah-yeah” band) for example, while they “disapprove” of the back street boys (the nth yeah-yeah-yeah band), jamming in the front row in a Stones concert, etc. The same goes to 80+ year men (80 is the new 60!) with a flashy lifestyle (the porsche and the blond, etc.). A sense of style that is inherent to distinguished men, is lost.

… A secret is a secret only for those who may look but don’t understand what they see. Secrets can’t be understood by learning. One must change himself to understand. The dangers of not growig up, of betting one’s life on the wrong things often becomes evident only when it’s too late; or right before death; or not even then! The Hindus call people wearing the wrong mask pasu: sacrificial animals.

They die so you can see.


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