Corporate players – The career driven

The career driven

These people were literally invented, bread or created by business; it speaks volumes about the lower end of the spectrum the human spirit is capable of that they actually manage to make themselves believe that their destiny is to help their companies grow and they fully dedicate themselves to meeting KPIs.

This is especially true to people who are older than 40. Career people religiously follow the trends and adjust, read best practices and top 10 lists of what successful people do, and faithfully comply; the only goal is to get ahead and get rewarded by positions, which gives them the only sense of identity. Some of them do, most of them don’t and they end up forming the ever fattening mid-management layer, practically running around looking busy.

They lead a humiliating existence which they are completely oblivious to; most feel the sting only when they get fired, not at all when they get promoted or when they go about their daily business.


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