A brief note on MLM scams


The confusion about MLM scams comes from the fact that they are considered from the business and not from the ideological point of view.

We are not looking at a business phenomenon but a deviant ideology that is propagated by “business rationale”. MLM themes undermine the very foundation of organic and healthy human relationships including that between family members and closest friends. We must note that from the mechanical aspects they are actually not much different from conventional businesses that cause a similar damage when they reduce human interactions to transactions.

When encountering it the first time, most people with a healthy sense of identity or at least with an intuition of their own identity instinctively feel the deviant nature of the scam, so the natural reaction is defensiveness.

Trained agents in the “approach” phase  shamelessly take advantage of people’s niceness thereby keeping them in an uncomfortable, defensive position. This niceness itself is not natural and only possible because of the confusion of the individual approached. A healthy reaction would be a cold and categorical NO with no explanation, similarly to how one defends himself when unexpectedly, physically attacked by a stranger on the street.

The approach phase, whatever the end result, necessarily ends with a sick feeling at least in one of the parties.

The cult or sect nature of all MLM scams is undeniable:

“…they adhere to dogmas based on false views; accepting the dogmas fully is the prerequisite to be accepted into the cult… After a short period of acclimatization, the members of the sect completely identify with the group in the sense that they gain their identity from it – if we reason with them, we are talking directly to the sect as a whole, not to the individual; members don’t exercise critical thinking thus they may be fully controlled emotionally, physically and mentally. Leaving the sect is difficult and often involves threats and humiliation. And finally, cult members relate to the “outside world” with open or suppressed hostility” (quote from Critical Thinking – Introduction to navigating the irrational)

Only the most confused souls or absolute nobodies would welcome with open arms a proposition that reduces them to one single function: building cells.

The whole phenomena invokes analogies with cancer cells or parasites: nothing is sacred besides spreading. Members are often encouraged to attack friends and family first and it becomes impossible to treat such individuals as people anymore: nobody can ignore the clouds hanging over them: they stigmatize themselves and justify their existence by despising (often quite vehemently) the healthy; their excitement when they “get one” is just as sick when any other healthy human relationship or particular human quality is violated in the name of inferiority and for the possibility of making (more) money.

Not surprisingly their “targeting” is broad and anti-elitist: everybody is a candidate, which inevitably leads to recruiting exclusively mass individuals: hardly a company a man with distinction wants to belong to.

Driven by the sick excitement of (potentially) violating superiority, “men of distinction” are specifically targeted and when successfully incorporated into a cell, such victories are publicly celebrated – in the same time acknowledging that the majority consists of (quantitative) losers and (qualitative) nobodies. Naturally such men are “distinguished” only by the quantitative values of the mass and not by virtues that have always gained the respect of truly distinguished men.

It is not surprising that some celebs (clowns the mass created to celebrate itself) are also launching or endorsing such scams although their business rationale, being at the top of the pyramid that is, is somewhat less delusional than that of the poor loser who buys into a cell as a second or third job to make more money AND THUS finally live life.

From our point of view the most tragic figures are those who attempt to actually exercise virtues (of loyalty, generosity and helping people for example) in an MLM context: in other words people whose potential is destroyed… perhaps by studying wisdom instead of business celebrities they may clarify their values and realign their relationships.


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