Lack of Context: business has eaten the world

It’s clear that we can’t expect machines to act with reason, but there is more.

While – ideally – the purpose of actual machines should be to serve a larger system, businesses don’t fit organically into any. They act as self-serving, rather parasitical entities, each one being out there to “conquer the world”, which, as a whole, they already have, rather successfully. Traditionally, in more organic societies functions were hierarchically organized – a hierarchy aligned to the principles of truth, control and power and finally material things, each representing a particular social layer and corresponding functions. The validity of the hierarchy depended on the quality of people representing these principles. Organic hierarchies have almost completely disappeared and precisely this was the factor that enabled the appearance of business organizations.

While in organic structures the context is the self-realization of the person (we must differentiate between persons and individuals. Individuals stand under the sign of the undifferentiated mass, a person’s qualities and position are in the sign of organic hierarchies) according to principles, business organizations simply operate without context and while doing so, they specifically make the self-realization of the person impossible.

As things stand, business has become THE CONTEXT for life and maximized profitability or returns are accepted as the only reason or justification for anything. In other words: finance has replaced principles for organization, practically liquidating reason from social affairs.


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