Taste as guide

Truth, intellect, taste, vs. individual opinion, rationalism and vulgarity.

Following requires qualities that recognize either the Truth, the intellect or taste. There is of course no taste without the Truth or the intellect that captures it, these are mutually inclusive categories. What happens when opinions “dictate” taste is well known in modern architecture, fashion (invented by individualism), and arts, which are easy to stay away from, although, being pervasive, more difficult to avoid; but taste has a much broader dimension, encompassing life.

Before it became arrogant, science used to marvel at the wisdom of nature; the way it stands now, it thinks it knows better, dictating a life style that is more than tasteless. Nature should not be ignored in matters of taste. It organizes people in a way that some are equipped with a taste that, if followed, results in an abundant, healthy, flourishing life for the community.

Such people obviously can’t fulfill their function in today’s mechanical organizations where these functions are usurped by diligent nobodies with no intuition of taste, whose “opinions”, when followed, lead to the anemic, swarming, stuffy, collective life we know, completely void of aesthetics, void of exuberance, beauty, distance and dignity. Taste as we have seen is always accompanied by intelligence and thus with sound judgement, as long as the person has had the chance to unfold his potentials.

If people of taste are sought out and brought into decision making roles in public matters, the wisdom of nature can prevail.


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