Wise guys don’t need an iPad

There is still a lot of discussion going on about our constant access to information and if it makes us smarter or stupider. Raising the question like this completely misses the point. Everybody knows that access to data or information has nothing to do with being smart or stupid. The confusion about this issue comes from systematically disregarding world views as the most important factor. This of course raises tons of very interesting questions like the relationship between the EXISTENCE of data and awareness for example, but there is no room to address these here in detail.

To keep things interesting and not to insult anybody’s intelligence we won’t even elaborate on the world views themselves; we only resort to listing some important aspects to consider.

BY ITSELF data never becomes information, information never becomes knowledge, and knowledge never becomes wisdom!

In a hierarchy, the lower levels depend on the higher, not the other way around.


Data may become information, information may become knowledge and knowledge may become wisdom (wisdom as purpose is often mentioned but is rarely actually considered or addressed!)

The key is the observer!

If the observer is wise, data and wisdom are directly connected through awareness. The significance of quantity is minimal; in other words a wise guy (forget the Sopranos!) doesn’t need an iPad!

If the observer actively knows (knowledgeable would not be an appropriate expression), data and knowledge are connected.

If the observer is well informed, data and information is connected.

If the observer has absolutely no awareness of anything, give him all the access to all the data: he’ll use his iPhone as a fashion accessory: goes well both with suits and turtlenecks.

From the lower point of view: knowledge is gained from wisdom, information from knowledge and data from information!

Without knowledge, data will never become information and without wisdom (intelligence in a supra rational sense) there is nothing: no data, no information, no knowledge!

More explicitly, without QUALITATIVE, essential leadership:

Wisdom cannot be achieved by knowledge management (itself an absurd idea).

Knowledge cannot be achieved by information management.

Information cannot be gained from data management.

Most importantly: the less wisdom is present, the more data proliferates.

To deny this automatically means that we say that there is no wisdom without data; and this is a question of world views!

This has of course far reaching practical implications in all areas of business; it’s enough to think about “knowledge management”, the once again popular big data question,  decision making, risk management, organizational development, marketing…pretty much all business functions + leadership, which is of course NOT a business function!

So: looking at the size of the mobile and enterprise software industries how many wise guys do you think there are out there?


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