Born to do…


“… Sometimes even the question of organicity emerges in business talk, but naturally always the wrong way and everybody misses the point. Discussions about mechanical roles provide a good example: are people born as entrepreneurs or entrepreneurship may be learned?

Interestingly no discussions are taking place about employees: are employees born or one may learn to be an employee? How about more specifically: natural born payroll administrators? Various officers (bureaucrats)? Perhaps search engine optimizers, marketing people?

Recently somebody turned our attention to the fact that Muhammad Yunus has proved “beyond any doubt” that all people have an entrepreneur in them, implying either that entrepreneurship is an organic function or that everybody could become an entrepreneur. Naturally the first scenario is not possible, since if it was an organic function, not everybody would be born with it. The second scenario is of course absolutely possible but not because people are born with entrepreneurship (implying organicity), but because entrepreneurship is a mechanical role, just like any other in mechanical organizations.

The confusion of identity is so obvious that it’s a returning joke in Hollywood movies or a good trick among self-improvement “gurus” to ask people: who are you? … But really?

It’s obvious that one can’t be a marketing manager, a search engine optimizer or a ceo for example. But if we ask even today a barber in India the same question, where being a barber has always been a role based on an organic function (serving), we immediately get the proud answer “a barber”, which is a 100% acceptable and when facing this person, all self-improvement “gurus” will fail miserably: this person is a born barber (often following several generations in his family before him) and as such is more valuable than a celebrity CEO or a self-improvement guru for that matter, which is also anything but an organic function.”


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