Control emotions

At least aiming at controlling it is crucial.

What does it take to control anything? To reach a level that is above what needs to be controlled. On the level of the conditioned self it is not possible to control anything; at least not long term. To reach that level one needs to be aware of his identity and his supra individual Will and  subordinate his conditioned self to it.

One also needs to possess a will to inner power. In lack of such an ambition one finds nothing extraordinary in being possessed by any emotions and suffers them sheepishly. When one realizes that being overcome by emotions one hasn’t evoked himself means being possessed by them and that in turn means that one is not being oneself, one has the only legitimate motivation to control emotions: the motivation to assert oneself. What is the context of asserting oneself? Rulership of course; rulership over powers. We only possess powers we can rule. All this is helped by the right views, as the Buddhist doctrines emphasize when they list the major obstacles for self-realization.

The right views are of course solipsistic.


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