Wisdom and modern knowledge

…The problem is that wisdom and modern, specialized knowledge have no common denominator. Wisdom is an experience, a mode of existence while modern knowledge is abstract and attempts to create a similarly abstract mode of life. Wisdom is one aspect of the Absolute so it is the same in all epochs and all geographies (even though it manifests itself differently in each) and because of this, it unites: there is no competition under the aegis of wisdom; no hostility, no divide.

Wisdom unites by differentiation; in a way it is the foundation of differentiation bestowing qualities on people and organizing them hierarchically, since not everybody are destined to get it or to have it and those who can, can do it to different degrees. Wisdom in a social setting appears as order.

Modern knowledge is uniform, it divides people and rids them of qualities. Ironically it costs money and sets obstacles although anybody with average qualities is able to get it. Power has nothing to do with modern knowledge. The small man withholds knowledge to get the illusion of power (we can’t not notice analogies with the modern entertainment industry that fiercely protects its worthless mass-manufactured products, be it movies, “music” or “artists” that are diligently stolen only by their “target audience”).

Wisdom on the other hand is power while it costs no money and it doesn’t build fences.

Wisdom stands under the sign of the Truth, while modern knowledge is the negation of the Truth. Wisdom is universal beauty. Modern knowledge is individual, arbitrary, opinionated: Warhol, Hirsh and similar. Modern knowledge is quantitative and vain: it’s happy when it’s bloated and celebrated. Wisdom is an ascetic, it’s quiet and it doesn’t need the limelight.


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