The crisis is necessary

“With the disappearance of supra-human traditional principles that used to serve as an absolute point of reference for orientation and self-realization, an arrogant and hubristic irrationality came to the scene that produced pseudo principles and through them, turned everything into an illusion: the illusion of science in the form of pervasive scientism that dominates all areas of life, the illusion of arts that among a myriad of other things have managed to produce boy-bands, paintings by elephants and skulls and other objects studded with diamonds, the illusion of beauty displayed on the cover of magazines and billboards that when it doesn’t grin, it has the facial expression of a robot, the illusion of power that demands a void, the lack of intellectual faculties, and a pseudo value system that openly and aggressively liquidates values and human qualities.

And all this is propagated and sold as “individual opinions” and it speaks volumes of the general condition of the masses that they buy this, mostly based on the celebrity status of the “seller”.”


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