Julius Evola: Ride the tiger

ride the tiger.jpgEvola didn’t speak to modern man. What he calls aristocrats of the soul is a man of previous eras living today. Previous epochs even!

The view of the archaic man is what aristocracy has always manifested. From such a vantage point, our current era maybe characterized as a waste land, void of values, of beauty, of taste and of intelligence. This is obvious wherever we turn our attention: in architecture and fine arts, in cheap, mass-manufactured products, in what music has become and last but not least in modern life-style and relationships.

Those who can see can only stay upright “among the ruins” if they assert themselves and lead an authentic existence. This is an inner practice that takes advantage of the few opportunities this era still has to offer and on higher levels even turns negatives into positives. This is what riding the tiger symbolizes, in analogy with Tantric practices and various other paths of the “left hand”.

Who should not read this book? Those who can fully identify with modern views and “values”: positive thinkers, progressive minds,Tony Robbins fans, technocrats and similar.

Click to get it: Ride the Tiger


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