We constantly refer to people without identity as nobodies. Identity is (purpose + potentials + style) x awareness.

Purpose refers at the very minimum to the organic function of the person who must be aware of this.

Potential refers to talents and predispositions which should be actively developed in order to be able to optimally fulfill the organic function. Potentials also refer to opportunities that emerge in the course of life that would lead to the fulfillment of the purpose.

Style refers to behavior and communications, as well as life style, including values and virtues as well as relationships

Awareness is clear: the person must be aware of his organic function, the appropriate style elements as well as his potentials and opportunities. This means a conscious every day practice that guides behavior and decisions.

If identity is missing people don’t act authentically and they serve as passive mediums to various influences: they are intellectually passive. Because of this intellectual passivity, the influences they tend to carry are all negative.

True nobodies are happy with this state and they don’t even articulate the need for themselves to take control of their own self.


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