The 4 hour workweek

People like this book because it shows them how to get what they want with the minimum amount of time invested.

It provides hands-on tools to minimize time spent on work.

Our take:

This book is not fundamental enough for our taste: it is just a business book that doesn’t challenge the foundations of business. It admittedly adjusts to business principles, it doesn’t fight them. This could be fine if it provided a higher perspective that business principles may serve, but this is missing; the “higher perspective” presented are to travel the world or do other stuff you always wanted, now!

Again there is nothing wrong with doing what you always wanted, but it is hardly about learning shortcuts to tango or martial arts. These short cuts are simple business innovations and when we think about them just a little bit, they are nothing more than all familiar platitudes.

Also, one of the main areas that we must be aware of is precisely the uniform dreams propagated by big business, the module-manufactured lifestyle packaged in luxury and entertainment of the worst kind.

Other than that the tools contained in the book are great and useful for our purposes! From our perspective the book’s value lies exclusively in these.

Check it out:


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