Transaction men

David+Duchovny+Premiere+Roadside+Attractions+W58fbfJzH2nlThere is a gate between mechanical business organizations and what should be perceived as normality encompassing business, giving it a context.

But instead of business being an island of abnormality in an ocean of normality, business has become an ocean of abnormality with smaller and smaller islands of normality in it.

The gate between business and normality is the person. The person may open the gates to abnormality and flood normal areas (in which case he degrades himself to a mere individual), or he may open the door of normality and vitalize dead areas (the abnormal is not capable of survival on its own).

If the person strives for normal relationships he will vitalize business relationships, thus injecting doses of organicity into business organizations that may only be compared to zombies (half living, half dead entities).

If however the person chooses to live as a transaction man, he will poison his living environment; because there is no such thing that a person is a transaction man at work and an authentic person outside of work – especially if work never ends.

Who are these transaction men? Those people whose expectations towards others are mechanical. Such people have transactions with everybody. In every situation. Having lunch is a transaction. They transact with their spouses, kids and friends also, strictly according to KPIs.



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