Why not to read bestsellers and take advice from celebrities

Ultimately there are only two ways to live today: to adjust to the majority or to go against the current. On the deepest level there is no third option. It was not always like this, but today it is decidedly so.

Adjusting to the majority means following the path of least resistance. Many people are looking for definitions of modern success. Ultimately all of the definitions come down to this: who can follow the path of least resistance the most effectively; if somebody propagates that this should be done by minimizing self-degradation, perhaps stress and maximizing time spent pursuing one’s passions, perhaps “doing mindfulness” and yoga, one is already considered a spiritual guru.

The starting point of all life and business hacks is based on following the path of least resistance. All alternatives on offer are on the exact same horizontal plane: how to make a career (these are the most pathetic ones), quit 9-5 and launch a company or become an effective freelancer or become an investor and similar. Smart and funny guys propagate this approach, this set-up: James Altrucher, Tim Ferriss and similar. Many, many others. Once the work part is covered, inadvertently they all offer up the exact same plan for play, as well, driven by a mysterious force that makes them believe that they must cover the “play” or “living” part too. Following the path of least resistance offers a sure path to uniformity and pure quantities, to lack of qualities and lack of differentiation.

The domain of distinction, differentiation and authentic qualities is exactly the opposite: following the path of most resistance; this path is taken by a select few, who don’t seek self-justification from the majority or from the “more” in general. This path of course is not a crazy path. It’s not about smashing heads into walls. It’s about using everything available, including tricks, hacks and tools that save time, for one single purpose that is more important than work-life balance or even pure play in exotic locations or play with other luxuries: for the chance to live an authentic life.

While the path of most resistance approach literally goes against everything modern life offers, it is more playful than any of the life hacking champions can imagine and it is also more disruptive than affordable travel to Mars, self-driving cars or blood analysis in seconds.




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