Cologne – Front lines

East End

While an appropriate analysis of the events that took place on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and various other cities across Europe is without doubt necessary (not only on the tactical level, like why the first voices defending the perpetrators are already being heard, etc. but also on a strategic, Geo-political, as well as on a religious level, including why they will want to fit this into an Islamic context, etc.), for now I’d like to use these events as an opportunity to turn attention to problems that concern the context for such an analysis and closing by re-iterating the opportunities that are nothing new for those who deal with these questions more intensively.

What is the right context is a questions of weltanschauung and today this may simply come down to whether one has one or not. Most don’t. In fact the overwhelming majority doesn’t have a weltanschauung, including those who exercise decision making power.

They simply don’t view the world; they perceive the world and their perception is random and rather passive: it’s not based on any fundamentals whatsoever. Even the most voracious activists are passive mediums exhibiting only the currents (of influences) that they accept based purely on emotional drive. This concerns equally the stereotypical liberal intellectual and their counterpart, the stereotypical skin-head (these we may call contra-left: not right in the sense of a well defined ideology that stands on its own, but a pseudo right that can only define itself as opposition to the left. Evola defined these pseudo ideologies as those who can’t stand the “air test”: if they don’t oppose something, they are nothing). They never put these views to the test, they never represent them consistently across all areas of their life (taking to the streets is not enough): their views, which some of them may even be ready to die for, are pure abstractions and their life is pure contradiction and absurdity.

This is the undifferentiated mass.

The mass individual doesn’t have an identity; what’s more, they refuse to have one (the most progressive ones even refuse to have a gender identity). They have no consistency; somebody compared them to clams: hard on the outside and soft and slimy on the inside; exactly the opposite of people with identity, who are aware of their organic role and function, and establish a life style that is propitious to realizing their potentials in context of their organic function.

The mass individual blindly accepted only the worst influences that ultimately resulted in refusing anything of value (differentiation, identities, organic hierarchies, principles and corresponding values and style) and in accepting specifically the repulsive and the worthless. You recognize this path by how easy it is. Understanding the other spectrum, the Truth and its various aspects is more than difficult. To live by it, thereby giving weight to ones own life and to one’s own person is even more difficult.

The problem is this: there is no dialogue between men of distinction who dedicate their life to the Truth and nobodies who sarcastically deny the Truth and prefer lies. The courage of the nobody comes from numbers and institutional support; they are quite combatant indeed.

Buddha precisely defined those he was not speaking to: “those whose eyes are covered with too much dust”. It would be irrational to try. Alas, today this is, with a few exception, everybody: they can’t see what’s in front of them. “Discussions” on internet forums will not enlighten anybody. Facts never explained anything and they won’t in this case (attack on women) either. The mainstream media uses a well defined framework for the interpretation of facts. “Dialogues”, conversations, discussions only reinforce prevailing views. This is true even when there seems to be opposition here and there. Some oppositions may even seem 180 degrees, yet they grew from the same roots.

When it comes to the political domain, to take one significant example, such superficial opposition between left and right will be eradicated together with the institution of democracy that has been sustaining them for now; not to be replaced by an institution that defines its foundation by the Truth, but by the same one that called it forth in the first place and that stands in the sign of Lies, one that aims to liquidate the Truth and those who may represent it: by a Dictatorship of Lies or from another point of view by a False Dictatorship.

The front lines of the war we see unfolding before us are, on the one hand becoming more and more fierce, cruel and repulsive (in the physical domain) , lacking the slightest signs of dignity and class that defined the warriors of past eras who fought on the side of the Truth, and on the other hand, they are becoming ever more elusive, regressing more and more into the domain of the occult.

The soldiers fighting against the Truth are confused even about who the enemy is: both those in “boots” (be it soldiers on formal battle fields or the sub-human hordes at the Hauptbahnhof in Cologne) and those in suits or worn-out jackets in academic institutions. While they kill each other on the battle field (not knowing that they’re being played against each other), the war in corridors, cubicles and corner offices is not any less fierce.

The biggest challenge for the minority is to organize itself effectively and to take decisive action. Both from the reactionary point of view and the proactive point of view. I’ll come back to this point at the end.

Going back to the Bahnhof. In addition to viewing the event in context of a war, we can’t not notice the underlying symbology of the attack, specifically against women, which hints at what is going on in the occult front. Atrocities against women in wars are not new and over the centuries we can observe a gradual decline on all levels.

Some eastern mythologies that have conserved memories from pre-historic times talk about great warrior kings who when conquering new territories took women living there. This is of course a symbology, but even if we accept it as a fact for arguments’ sake, the style of such acts was fundamentally different, not comparable to anything in the modern age: in these mythologies the warrior kings (and their immediate followers, representing nobility) took one woman each for themselves who in turn became good wives. The king traditionally represented the highest manifestation of virility (a factor much higher in the order of things than masculinity) and authenticity. Among all beings the King was the most himself so to speak, followed by nobility whose qualifications were based on the same criteria. I must emphasize that on this level we obviously can’t even draw analogies between what happened in Cologne, if anything this just illustrates the contrast between a man and a mass individual. As we enter the historical era, the first such acts of violence appeared on the lowest social strata, among males who didn’t possess any factors of virility that may have bestowed on them the power of self-control. Nowadays, when  modern armies are full of people whose natural calling is far below that of a warrior or who simply don’t have one, violence against the weak and the defenseless is wide – spread.

Looking at the mob in Germany we notice that males (the term men would not be appropriate) by the hundreds were acting (physically) tightly together: a symbology of the atomic mass individual that gains not only its strength, but also his existence from numbers. As is well known, the more quantity is present the more quality (and differentiation) is missing. Style wise the out-of-control mobs that are lynching women on the streets, or perhaps a single defenseless soldier on the battle field are not any different. From our point of view the real question is why the violence did not escalate further (obviously even one would have been too much).

The sick excitement that rules over the mob in action is not only symbolic of the lack of self-control but something deeper and more sinister. There is something very feminine (in the metaphysical sense) about this passivity. Willingly giving oneself over to tendencies one can’t understand is the exact opposite of virility; and this is especially true in the moments the assaults (be it groping, beating or rape) are committed by an individual surrounded by his peers. This deep rooted passivity was a steady characteristic of all destructive revolutions, even at the few before the “big one” in 1789 although clearly not on such scale and not with such bestiality that emerged there.

From this point of view, to use the Hindu symbology: Kali was giving a taste once again of what’s it like when there is nobody to rule over the force, in this case over its coarsest manifestation: physical mass and power.

And this brings us to the next point: when considered above a level higher than the merely physical, these attacks were not against women: they were against men. Against the virile principle of man. The mob was the active instrument, the victims were the passive instruments; and this applies also to the scene, modern society that has become completely feminine. This wake up call was hopefully heard loud and clear at least on the masculine level and one can hope that self-defense groups will organize/intensify wherever it may be necessary. But such organizations must be -ideally- aligned to spiritual and intellectual leadership and individual life-style should be aligned to such organizations.

For well known reasons the mass on the receiving end of the atrocities desperately tries to ignore the racial aspect of the attacks; the situation is evidently different on the side of the aggressors. While they may be passive instruments when it comes to the strategic context, they are anything but racially blind on an individual level – in fact there is reason to believe that the forces spreading the mob across Europe specifically use the racial argument as motivation (besides money and women), appealing as always to the lowest instincts of the masses it wants to mobilize. Deploying the racial weapon is an abject and undeniably effective tactic.

The forces of destruction have always targeted the principles of superiority in any shape or form, be it spirituality, the intellect, virility, differentiation, hierarchy, loyalty, heroism, honor, the monarch, monarchy, aristocracy etc.. They could only take on direct action and ignite revolutions when involution has produced a critical mass of individuals who -lacking an authentic will- are ready to become instruments in desecrating the saint, leveling everything down to the mud, to their own level, the only level they are able to realize without positive influences.

It would be naive to assume that the escalation of events will stop here. Truth and justice will continue to be violated with increasingly ignominious means and by low elements in ever larger numbers. It is perhaps clear that this phenomenon is below criminality and has managed to slide below the law which makes it difficult to act against it.

The opportunity Cologne offers is to organize organically: starting with the pragmatic objective of establishing and maintaining order or in worse situations to directly defend the weak, warriors may organize themselves and seek the guidance of people and groups whose organic function -besides others- is to teach principles. Such organizations are already under way on given levels sporadically and there are also examples of vertical cooperation (warriors actively seeking spiritual guidance). There is more that can be done: the commercial sector may take up its appropriate role supporting the warriors, thus developing a more significant sphere of influence. International cooperation is necessary between all levels of the hierarchy.

And of course a lot may be done on a personal level by leading an authentic life.


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