Unmasking false agendas

The Truth manifests itself both as intellect and beauty. This should make it easy to recognize it.

Today however the state of affairs is such that people think about the Truth as a question of individual opinion and there is no room for beauty or the intellect; in fact in the war for attention the opposite dominates: the stupid (but pragmatic) and the repulsive. The opposite of intelligence is more than stupid: it is an intellectual inertia; a void, a lack of drive that seeks compensation in being busy with the insignificant.

A good example of this intellectual inertia is the typical business executive or the career politician: highly educated and very effective when it comes to shipping stuff, but completely confused when it comes to areas that stand above the business domain, including questions of identity be it gender, national or others. Small people with small agendas; however when the agenda is not specifically to understand and defend the Truth, it is to deny it – and this is no small agenda at all.

The wrong agendas are always stupid and repulsive, but the mass doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to differentiate even between the beautiful and the disgusting, providing an ideal medium for the spread of lies.

The wrong agendas are stupid in that they don’t stand the test of  even the most elemental rules of logic. A recent example from the political domain is the efforts to belittle the significance of the identity of the perpetrators of sexual violence against women in Germany (and Sweden and elsewhere in Western Europe) and the refusal to put it into the correct context.

One of the most insulting arguments in this question so far is that the perpetrators’ identity must be separated from the act. Of course the same agenda wouldn’t stand the test of common sense if it was used in a war situation, for example. It would sound something like this: “this is not the first bombing here or elsewhere so just because it’s been being done by the Americans (randomly picked example) it would be false (God forbid discriminatory or hate – inflicting)  to say that it’s an American bombing or that we are in war with America.”

We won’t deal here with the more immediate agendas (besides the larger context of fighting against the Truth).




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