An indicent proposal

merkel refugee

False agendas are destructive.

This is evident if you are in the ring fighting against Tyson Fury and your trainer keeps on shouting: hands down, move slower, let him come closer, take this one, don’t hit!

False agendas need a context where they can flourish. A context that makes the bizarre seem normal; a setting where you can lock the (supposedly) smartest people you can find in a country (or in many) into a room to handle a crisis situation only to see them fail inevitably.

The wrong context is based on the wrong views; views that fail the most basic test of logic. If any initiative starts from a false context it can only go in the wrong direction from the start.

This is the reason why all career politicians fail even if they are saved by the bell at the end of the four year period.

Democracy is a context that is based on a fundamental lie packaged in sentimentalism: it says that A=B. More precisely it says that the high equals the low. It goes further and says that that there is no such thing as high, there is only low. It doesn’t stop there and says that if the high and its analogies do come to the surface somehow, it must either serve the low, or it must be liquidated; it is quite combatant and shows zero tolerance in this regard.

This is precisely what the events that happened 1789 in France or 1917 in Russia symbolize. Other events too that swept across Europe: 1830s, 1848 or even earlier in the 17th Century in England with Cromwell.

Democracy is of course not an organic concept; it’s a concocted concept that was created to serve false agendas in the first place! Naturally, people using it  (agendas that go against the Truth) are the last ones to take it seriously.

To expect career politicians to look for the Truth and to defend it is dangerously naive; from another point of view ignorant. Greatness is hard to come by in such a system. Small men and clowns serving the mass, competing on who can go even lower (Trump’s “freedom song” is a testament to all this). The only way this terrible system maybe eliminated is if the intellectual passivity that tolerates it is eliminated.

I am wondering if Merkel and her cabinet, supported by career “intelligentsia” will come up with a plan, under the aegis of pragmatism, as a proactive measure, to supply German girls to migrants, thereby preventing further atrocities.

Seneca, to show the contrast between intelligence and democracy depicted Socrates’ tribulations as such: “…he lived either in time of war, or under tyrants, or under democracy, which is more cruel than wars or tyrants…”. 





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