Guru problems

happy guru preneur
It has become fashionable to have one’s own “guru”. We can often read in Western media articles from people who advise on meditation techniques for example; techniques they learned from their “gurus”. The real “influential” among such advisors even make it a point to point out that their guru is from Tibet or from India, never failing to provide a picture with them being busy “meditating” with the guru.
happy guru
A simple technique to unmask the crooks:
– They seek media attention and media is seeking them. Being on Oprah for example is a sure sign that you’re looking at a crook, but so is any tabloid or mainstream publication
– The so called gurus are always pictured with an idiotic grin on their face. This is quite symbolic: it perfectly shows their target audience’s perception about the Goal (a distorted idea about bliss, or the sentimental idea of happiness, or horribile dictu stress release).
– Their advise is always easy: everybody can do it! Not only do they seek media attention, they seek everybody’s attention.
The exact same principle applies to so called business gurus. In fact the difference between the two is only marginal and they more and more often cross over to each other’s territory.
happy osho

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